Covering the Basics

Some buyers are not comfortable discussing their personal finances; however, if you wish to purchase a new home in the Tallahassee real estate market, you are going to have to discuss your finances, because no one can buy a home without financial disclosure.

Start Smart

When we sit down to discuss looking at homes, I will ask you about your financial qualifying. My goal is not to find out about your income and expenses or credit history, but to be assured that you are taking the steps to become qualified by a lender to purchase a home in the Tallahassee area before we proceed.

Proven Strategies

When you decide on a home and we make an offer, your offer has great strength if we include in that offer a commitment letter or pre-approval letter from a lender. These letters indicates to the seller that you are qualified to buy the home and that they don’t have to waste additional time if they were to accept your offer. This creates a positive negotiating position.

Understanding Your Options

There is a difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval. When getting pre-approval, you submit information to a loan officer who will run the calculations, credit history and income verification to determine the amount for which you qualify.

Your Trusted Team

If you have not established a relationship with a bank or mortgage company, I will be glad to recommend lenders who I know will provide you with excellent service and whom I like and trust. You have no obligation to use any lender that I recommend. The lenders who I recommend are reliable, understand timing is critical, have competitive rates and give great customer service. Through many purchase experiences with my clients, I realize first-hand that having a professional team walk you through this important life-decision provides comfort and confidence for buyers.